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Ministry of Transport

நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு எம்மை பற்றி பிரிவுகள் Land

Administration (Land)

Contact Details

Name Designation Telephone Number Fax Number
Mrs. Suwarna De Silva Senior                             Assistant Secretary (Land)
0112187218 -


  • Management of lands Under the Ministry of Transport and other institutions under the Ministry.
  • When it is necessary to acquire land for any government development activities, taking necessary steps to acquire such land promptly under land acquisition act section 38 (A).
  • Attending Compensation investigations pertaining to acquiring land and compensation review committees.
  • Representing the ministry in objection inquires according to provision in land acquisition act.
  • Administration of all activities such as acquisition of land, acquiring land, releasing land and payment of compensation on behalf of the Ministry.
  • When talking over acquiring lands belonging to Railway department, SLTB and department of Motor Traffic to the Urban Development authority for Urban Development authority for Urban Development activities performing all related administrative functions.
  • Performing the functions of disposal of lands.
  • Submission of cabinet papers and relevant observations pertaining to land matters.
  • Leasing of lands and giving on rent houses to railway department.
  • Talking necessary action with relevant institution pertaining to unauthorized occupation of lands.