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Ministry of Transport

நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு எம்மை பற்றி பிரிவுகள் Railway Administration

Administration (Railway)

Contact Details

Name Designation Telephone Number Fax Number
Mrs. R. A. K. Renuka Senior Assistant Secretary
0112 687 435 0112 681 403


Appointments, transfers, promotion, approval for leave abroad, retirements, contractual appointments, overtime and incentive payments, re –instatements, accident compensation, duty hours, nomination of officers for trade tests, disciplinary charges trade union requests, public complaints attending to all duties pertaining to documents forwarded to Ministry Secretary, Secretary to the President ,Secretary to the PSC, Director General of Establishments, Secretary to the Treasury, Director General Management Services, Salaries and Cadre Commission, Ombudsman pertaining to following Services and posts belonging to the Railway Dept.

  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Engineering Service
  • Sri Lanka Accountants Service
  • Sri Lanka Surveyors Service
  • Sri Lanka Technological Service
  • Railway Supervisory Management Service
  • Railway Clerical/Management Assistants Service, Time keeping clerks Service.
  • Railway Station Masters Service
  • Railway Security Service
  • Stores Superintendent/Deputy stores Superintendent/Regional Transport Superintendent/Transportational Superintendent/District inspectors (Transport and Commercial).
  • Operation Superintendents
  • Duties pertaining to Computer Division
  • Basic Technological Service
  • Technician Assistant
  • Contract/Casual/Substitute/Temporally appointments
  • Posts not coming under Basic Technological Services and Technician Assistant
  • Activities pertaining to Railway Dept Graduates
  • Planning Service
  • Legal officers