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Ministry of Transport

நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு கருத்திட்டங்கள் போக்குவரத்துத் திணைக்களம் Ongoing Progects

போக்குவரத்துத் திணைக்களம்

Services Implemented

  • New registration process was simplified.
  • Online access to the computer network of the Customs Department was acquired to obtain additional Customs information required for new registration of vehicles.
  • Computer programs were modified to print the transfer date and the date of issue of the duplicates on the Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • A data-base was formed containing the details of Vehicle Registration Certificates and Driving Licenses which could not be delivered.
  • A tender has been called for printing Driving Licenses which have been extended temporarily.
  • Arrangements were made to introduce a new questionnaire for written test to obtain driving licenses.
  • Actions were taken to give a briefing of the Traffic Rules before the practical test for those who come for the driving test.
  • Co-ordination between the Provincial Councils and the Department of Motor Traffic was built up to issue Revenue Licenses based on the computerized data on motor vehicles.
  • Steps were taken to carry out the process of vehicle inspection and issuing weight certificates at the Werahera Office premises.
  • Three District Motor Vehicle inspection Offices were networked with the Head Office.
  • New name boards were installed in each section of the Department for easy identification. A Shramadana Campaign was conducted to clean up all the sections and the Department premises and all unnecessary stationary as well as other waste items were removed.
  • Vehicle Ownership Transferring Sections were established to transfer the ownership of vehicles on the basis of the class of vehicles.
  • Incentives were granted for the officers who contributed to speed up the Vehicle Ownership Transferring process.

Future Actions

  • To install a weighing scale at the Werahera office premises.
  • To network all District Motor Vehicle Inspection Offices which have not yet linked with the Head Office.
  • To introduce attitude development programs and conduct regular training sessions with the view of having a qualitative human resource.
  • Unpleasant working environment has been improved gradually. To arrange a proper program to remove waste in order to make it more pleasant.
  • To establish new divisions such as legal, human resources development, planning and information in order to minimize the weaknesses existing in the organizational structure.
  • To introduce amendments to the Motor Traffic Act to accommodate new developments in the transport sector.

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