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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Sri Lanka Transport Board

1. How to reach for information with respect to the timetables of the long distance buses?

Information could be reached through 011755555 in our Head Office.


2. Who shall be reached to inform about any inconvenience caused inside a SLTB bus ?

In the event the inconvenience is being caused owing to the position of the driver, the conductor, or upon some defect of the bus such complaints could be made to the Chief Executive Officer or Deputy General Manager (Operations) on Hotline 0117555555 or dialing the SLTB number allocated for complaints.


3. What action shall be followed in the event a passenger bag is forgottion inside a SLTB bus?

May dial 0117555555 or call the relevant Depot Superintendent while retaining the ticket in hand. This will follow actions to make available our facilities to you.


4.Contact SLTB Head Office & Depots

National Council for Road Safety

1. Payment of compensation on hit and run accident victims

Postal Address:-


National Council for Road Safety,

Ministry of Internal Transport,

No-01, D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha,

Colombo 10.


Tele No :- +94 112 696 890

Fax No  :- +94 112 680 163


Department of Motor Traffic

Services being facilitated by the Department mainly include the registration of vehicles, transfer of ownership and issuance of driving licenses.

Issuing of driving licenses is being carried out at Werahera office, whereas, other services including registration, transfer of ownership of vehicles, etc, are being done at the Head office in Narahenpita with regard to any queries arising in respect of the services of the Department the public, through the general contact no.of the Department or directly dialing the staff officers, may access to the relevant information.

Contact Werahera Office Branch & Districts Officers

National Transport Medical Institute

Opening Hours :- from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm

Time taken to issue a medical certificate:-  about 45 minutes